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Today I went to get a Maryland title for the truck. I went to my local AAA office, as they offer tag an title services and to me it is worth their fee and more to avoid a trip to … Continue reading

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New Arrival!

The truck arrived today as scheduled.  The car carrier driver called around 1:30 when he was about four miles away to say he couldn’t get any further because of low-hanging branches along the roadway, so I had to call a … Continue reading

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Plan of Attack

So what are my plans for the truck? This is not a restoration project.  I wanted to buy a truck that was in running order, but that didn’t work out.  I bought this one because the bodywork and paint and … Continue reading

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I Bought a Truck

It’s official, I now own a 1964 Datsun L320 pick-up truck! I’ve been searching for a truck for some time now, particularly a 1964 or 65 L320.  I love the old-timey look of these trucks and the similarity to the … Continue reading

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