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Heater Hose Removal

Today I spent some time tidying up the engine bay. I removed the old heater hose which snaked from the rear of the engine block around toward the front. The set-up was a bit curious, because there were no hoses … Continue reading

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Latest Engine Bay Pics

Here are some shots of the engine bay as it stands today. I’m slowly working toward getting this area in shape. Okay, it’s still a bit of a mess.

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Fuel Pump Options

Since I got the truck I’ve been trying to figure out a replacement mechanical fuel pump. Previously I mentioned one of the possibilities, which was to get a newer fuel pump for a more common L-series Datsun engine and modify … Continue reading

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British Engine Gaskets

In addition to the J13 Engine Gasket Set I ordered, I also ordered some gaskets from Moss Motors for the British B-series engine, found on the MGA and MGBs. Early Datsuns were produced with a licensed version of the B-series … Continue reading

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J13 Engine Gasket Set

I ordered a full J13 engine gasket set from RockAuto and it arrived this week.  The 1.3 liter J13 engine came in the later 520 and 521 trucks and 411 cars from 1965-1969, but I expect that many/most of the … Continue reading

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Datsun Air Cleaner Blue Paint

Late last year I cut out a small section of my already-damaged original air cleaner in order to try to identify a good match for the original blue/green paint color to repaint the 320’s air cleaner.  Earlier this month I … Continue reading

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VIN tag

Here’s a picture of the 320’s VIN tag I took today.

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Engine Scrubbing–Fuel/Air Side

After pulling the intake/exhaust manifold from the engine I spent some time cleaning the engine block on that newly accessible side. It was definitely pretty cruddy with 50+ years of engine and road grime. I used some Simple Green, which … Continue reading

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Manifold & Oil Filter Housing Painting

This afternoon I painted the intake and exhaust manifolds, their mounting hardware, and the oil filter housing to make them all look new and original. I had at least a half a can of Eastwood’s high temperature Factory Gray spray … Continue reading

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Manifold Clean-Up

This afternoon I spent some time cleaning up the intake and exhaust manifolds to prepare them for paint. I started with the washers and engine-lifting bracket, which I sprayed with Simple Green and scrubbed with a Scotch-Brite pad. After a … Continue reading

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