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Valve Cover Gasket Quandary

Since the E-1 engine is closely related (a licensed copy, essentially) to early British MG four-cylinder engines, I had heard and assumed to be true that a valve cover gasket from an early 1960s MG would fit. Based on this … Continue reading

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Engine Turns Over!

This morning I confirmed that the old E-1 engine in my truck does turn freely, which is a good start toward the possibility that it will run.  When I bought this truck, it had been sitting for many years, with … Continue reading

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Valve Cover Paint & Head Prep

I also spent some time this morning painting the valve cover and inspection plates, and also preparing the engine to receive new gaskets so I can reinstall those parts. Last night I removed, cleaned, and primed the valve cover and … Continue reading

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New Engine Bay Grommets

Today I installed all new round rubber grommets throughout the engine bay.  Four months ago I removed all the dried up old grommets and measured them so I could procure fresh new replacements. There are 14 total grommets in six … Continue reading

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Valve Cover Prep & Prime

This afternoon I spent some time cleaning up the E-1 engine’s valve cover, which was grimy and also needs a fresh coat of paint. As far as I can tell, the early (1960-1963) 320 valve covers were connected to the … Continue reading

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New Air Cleaner

The original air cleaner that came on my truck had been modified at some point. The “horn” inlet had been cut off. See below: These modifications were pretty common, but I wanted to get an intact stock air cleaner to … Continue reading

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Steering Column Paint

Last year I spent some time and effort cleaning all of the grease and grime off of the steering column and shift linkage, as well as the steering box. Today I finally got around to painting those parts black. I … Continue reading

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Steering Column Grommet Removal

Today the weather warmed up a bit and I was able to get outside and do some work on the truck. I pulled the steering column grommet out of the firewall. Mine is in really rough shape and I’d like … Continue reading

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New Paint in the Engine Bay

Last week I cleaned up and prepped the right and left inner fenders in the engine bay. Today I spent the morning repainting the inner fenders. Ordinarily the best way to paint an engine bay is to remove the engine … Continue reading

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Right Inner Fender Cleaning

I spent this afternoon cleaning up and addressing surface rust on the right inner fender. This side has considerably more going on than the left side, so it was a more involved process. Near the front the single hard fuel … Continue reading

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