Generator Removal

Today I removed the generator from the engine. Previously I started the process by detaching the adjuster arm that allows the generator pulley to act as a tensioner on the fan belt. What remain are the generator bracket that bolts into the oil filter/distributor side of the engine block and various electrical connections.
The bracket is attached to the block by four bolts. I used a 1/2″ socket in my wrench to loosen those bolts.

The lower rear (firewall side) bolt served a dual purpose, also attaching the battery ground cable to the engine block. After removing everything I put the ground back into place and loosely threaded in that bolt to make sure I put it back during reassembly.

Then I was able to liberate the generator from the engine block, with the mounting bracket still attached to the generator.

Here is a picture of the generator’s electrical connections.

Here are shown the two bolts that connect the generator to the mounting bracket. The bracket has holes on either ear, and the generator has two flanges, one just behind the pulley and one at the opposite end, which both have mounting holes.

I used a 1/2″ socket and a ratcheting wrench to remove the first mounting bolt from the pulley-end of the generator.

Then I removed the nut from the mounting bolt on the opposite side of the generator.

Which released the mounting bracket from the generator.

Here are a couple of shots of the generator mounting bracket.

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