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Generator Bracket Painting

This afternoon I primed and painted the mounting bracket for the generator (or dynamo, as it is called in my factor service manual). The bracket is L-shaped with four bold holes to mount to the engine on the front of … Continue reading

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Horn Painting

This morning I spent some time painting the horns that I removed from the engine bay and cleaned up yesterday. Once again, I believe these are the stock horns, but OEM horns came with small domes over reach of the … Continue reading

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Horn Removal

This afternoon I removed and cleaned up the horns from the engine bay.  The 320 has two horns, one is a high tone and the other is a low tone.  Only one of the two is typically connected at a … Continue reading

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Engine Bay Tidying

I spent some more time this afternoon cleaning up the engine bay and the steering column and engine block, which still had a lot of greasy dirt on them. Here is the engine bay before I started. I wrapped the … Continue reading

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Engine Bay Grommets

I plan to replace all of the firewall and fender rubber grommets in the engine bay. Some are just missing and others are dried up, crusty, or falling apart. The first step was to inventory all of the holes in … Continue reading

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E-1 Distributor Pics

Here are a few pictures of the original E-1 distributor mounted on the truck, located on the passenger side of the engine block just behind the oil filter mount. Here are two with the distributor cap on. And one showing … Continue reading

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Engine Scrubbing–Electrical/Ignition Side

This afternoon I spent more time scrubbing the engine on the passenger side where the generator, distributor, spark plugs, and oil filter are located. I did this in phases in between removing the heater hoses and the generator. The engine … Continue reading

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Generator Removal

Today I removed the generator from the engine. Previously I started the process by detaching the adjuster arm that allows the generator pulley to act as a tensioner on the fan belt. What remain are the generator bracket that bolts … Continue reading

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Heater Hose Removal

Today I spent some time tidying up the engine bay. I removed the old heater hose which snaked from the rear of the engine block around toward the front. The set-up was a bit curious, because there were no hoses … Continue reading

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Latest Engine Bay Pics

Here are some shots of the engine bay as it stands today. I’m slowly working toward getting this area in shape. Okay, it’s still a bit of a mess.

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