Removed Oil Filter Housing

Later in the afternoon I removed and cleaned up the oil filter housing.  Modern engines typically have a screw-on plastic-shelled integrated oil filer that screws up into a mount on the engine from underneath.  The E-1 engine has a cartridge-style oil filter that resembles a modern one (though probably more primitive) with its outer shell removed.  The cartridge-style (paper) filter slides onto a shaft and is protected by a metal, distinctive dome-shaped housing.  This set-up is located facing upwards on the battery-side of the engine bay behind the generator and in front of the distributor, just below the spark plugs.

I used a 5/8″ socket to loosen the threaded rod that holds the oil filter housing into its mount.

When the rod came out I lifted it away and it brought the housing up with it. Below on the right is a shot of the oil filter and housing mounting point.

Here is the oil filter that was on the truck.

The filter housing itself was very dirty, but clearly had originally been painted in Datsun engine blue, so I decided to repaint it that color.

I sprayed it down with water and some Simple Green, and then used a blue scouring pad to scrub it.

There was a fair amount of surface rust on the housing, although it is very solid. I used some Metal Prep to treat the rust and bare metal surfaces. That’s as far as I got on this day.

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