Drained the Oil Pan

After I drained the fuel from the gas tank, I drained the engine oil. The oil pan is located right in front of the front frame cross-member, and the drain plug is right at the front and center of the pan.

I sprayed some Simple Green on the drain plug and scrubbed it with a stiff brush to clean off the grime and road dirt that had accumulated there.

With the head of the drain plug cleaned off, I used an adjustable crescent wrench to loosen the plug. The head of the plug was too large for any of my sockets.

After unscrewing the plug the rest of the way with my hand, the engine oil drained into my drain pan. It’s good news that the engine was in fact full of oil and the oil seemed to be in decent condition.

After the oil drained I replaced the drain plug.

I plan to find a replacement drain plug and copper washers if I can. More on that later.

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