Drained the Gas Tank

I drained the old fuel out of the gas tank this afternoon. The fuel tank is located at the rear of the truck, under the bed. You put gas in the truck through the rear fender on the driver’s side in the U.S. (not sure about elsewhere) so the fuel tank is located just below that, inside and below that fender.

There is a drainage plug at the bottom of the fuel tank. In the picture below the drive shaft is visible for reference. I sprayed some Simple Green on the drain plug to loosen up nearly 50 years of dirt, grease, and grime covering the head of the plug.

Then I used a stiff brush to scrub away at the drain plug, revealing its head.

I positioned a drain pan underneath the gas tank and used a 3/4″ socket on my wrench to loosen the drain plug.

After it loosened up I finished unwinding the drain plug by hand, and the gas drained out.

The good news is that the gas looks very clear and the viscosity is thin. I don’t know how long this gas has been in the tank, but I suspect the truck hasn’t run in many years, maybe even a decade or more. Just as I was getting a little nervous that my drain pan might not be adequate, the gas slowed to a trickle and stopped draining.

It was a pretty good quantity of gas, and had an amber hue to it.

I reinstalled the drain plug to finger tight, and then tightened it up some more with the 3/4″ socket.

A final shot of the gas tank drain plug.

And here is a shot down the gas filler neck. I tried to ascertain whether there was a lot of sediment inside the gas tank, but couldn’t really tell.

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