Fuel Pump Removal

This morning I spent some time removing the old fuel pump from the engine. This is not the original fuel pump that came with the E-1 engine, but instead looks like a J13 fuel pump that came on the later 520 trucks. Those two are interchangeable, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to locate either an E-1 or J13 aftermarket replacement mechanical fuel pump anywhere.

Here are some shots of the Nikki fuel pump. The rubber hose still attached to the pump feeds from the fuel filter and before that a hard line from the gas tank. The second outlet from the fuel pump which isn’t attached to anything previously was connected to a hard line going up to the carburetor.

Here you can see the fuel line connections and where the fuel pump bolts into the engine block.

I used a flat head screwdriver to loosen and remove the hose clamp holding the rubber fuel supply line to the barbed outlet on the fuel pump.

Then I used a 1/2″ socket on my wrench with 6″ extension that I slipped underneath the steering column to loosen each of two nuts mounting the fuel pump.

With those nuts removed from the studs on the engine block I was able to pull the fuel pump off the engine.

Then I was able to work the rubber fuel supply hose off the barbed fuel pump inlet.

Here’s a shot of the the fuel pump mounting plate and also one of the mounting point and studs.

I pulled off the spacer block…

and plugged up the opening in the engine block with a shop towel.

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