Water Pump Pulley Removal

Next I removed the water pump pulley from the water pump.  The pulley is mechanically fastened to the water pump by four long bolts that thread through the radiator fan, fan spacer, and pulley, into threaded holes in the water pump. Since I removed those already in order to pull the fan blades, I just had to dislodge the water pump pulley manually because the only thing holding it onto the water pump was nearly 50 years of habit.

Here’s the inner surface of the pulley. It appears to have been originally painted Datsun engine blue. Although there was some surface rust and flaking paint, the pulley is in solid shape.

I used some Simple Green and scouring pads and a wire brush to clean up and degrease the pulley, and to remove any loose paint.

It cleaned up well and I applied some metal prep to the bare metal and rusty spots.

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