Radiator Fan removal and restoration

Today I spent some time removing the radiator fan, cleaning it up, and giving it a fresh coat of paint.  The fan has four blades and is composed of two metal pieces, and bolts directly to the water pump pulley.

Here’s a shot of the fan and the four bolts that mount it to the water pump through the pulley:

I used a 9/16″ socket to remove the four bolts and washers.

Directly behind the fan blades was a spacer block that provides clearance between the pulley and the fan blades.

I pulled the two blades off the spacer and then pulled the spacer off the water pump pulley.

Here is a shot of the pulley still in place.  It is held to the water pump by those bolts I removed above, so it is just hanging in place without a mechanical connection.

I used some Simple Green and elbow grease with a green scouring pad to clean up the fan blades.

The blades each cleaned up very nicely.

After allowing the fan blades to dry, I sprayed on some white Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer.

Then after allowing the primer to dry for 30 minutes, I sprayed on some gloss white Rustoleum.

After the one side dried I painted the other side of each fan blade and they look good as new.

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