Car cover

Since I have to park the 320 outside, I decided to invest in a car cover.  A couple of days ago I put the cover on just before going to bed because Hurricane Sandy was supposed to arrive overnight.  This morning the rain has stopped and I got some pics of the car cover.

I ordered a cheapie car cover for a Datsun 620 truck, since there doesn’t seem to be one for the 320 (no surprise there) and the 620 should be the right general size and shape.  I bought the cover from CSC Sports, Inc. and the cover was part #75240.  It was $65 plus shipping.  The main thing I want the cover to do is keep the rain from getting inside the truck and keep the bird droppings off the paint.

Here are some shots of the car cover. Not the most form-fitting, but definitely covers the truck.

It also has a nice tie-down that runs under the chassis to keep the cover from flying off.

And the cover is definitely water-proof.

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