Radiator sent out for re-core

Today I dropped of the radiator to be re-cored.  Last week I tried to take it to a big place down in Baltimore called Cummins Radiator, which has been in business since 1911.  Unfortunately when I got down there it was more of a warehouse selling new radiators with a small office in the back where an older gentleman handled the repairs.  He quoted me a price of $550 for a re-core and assured me that my radiator needed to be re-cored.  When I had my roadster radiator re-cored with a three-row core it was like $200.  Granted, that was a few years ago but I decided to look for alternatives.

I found a place up in York, PA, called West York Radiator Service that seemed to get positive reviews online.  I called them and they said to drop by.  So today, after a pre-school field trip in that general direction, we shot up to York (my wife was thrilled to find out about this) and dropped off the radiator.

The owner, Harry, asked me if I was certain the radiator needed to be re-cored.  I said I wasn’t sure, and he said if it didn’t I could save some money.  After I got home later in the afternoon Harry called and told me the radiator didn’t need a re-core, and he had pressure tested it and found a leak, which he had repaired, and I could come pick it up.  Great!

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