Radiator removal, part 2

Today I finally got back to working on the truck and finished pulling the radiator. Last month I removed the upper hose and mounting bolts.

The lower hose was too stubborn to pull off the water pump outlet, so I used my utility knife to slit it. Coolant!

Last time I was worried that the engine and cooling system had been dry, but the coolant flowed out and into the drain pan I had stationed underneath.

With the lower hose liberated, I was able to pull the radiator up and out of the engine bay.

I lifted the radiator out and put it in the pan to drain.

Here are the mounting bolts. They were of two different sizes, top and bottom, and I suspect they were not the original factory bolts.

I removed the remains of the upper radiator hose from the thermostat housing, first loosening up the hose clamp with a slotted screwdriver.

And then I slit and peeled the hose off the outlet.

And I pulled the upper radiator hose off the thermostat outlet.

The lower hose was still connected to the radiator, as I had freed it from the water pump. I slashed the hose around the radiator inlet and pulled it off by hand.

Here are the two old braided hoses.

Next I wanted to thoroughly flush the cooling system. I attached a gallon water jug to the water pump outlet on the lower end of the system to catch the effluent and held a garden hose to the thermostat outlet at the upper end.

This worked surprisingly well and I was able to flush the coolant out of the system by repeating the process.

Afterwards I captured the coolant from my drain pan as well.

In total I flushed around a gallon and a half of coolant and water from the engine and radiator.  I took the waste coolant to my local landfill where they accept it for disposal.

I tidied up by stuffing some shop towels into the openings in the cooling system to keep out the mice and also to soak up anything that may drip out.

Here is the fan, which is now visible from the front with the radiator removed.

And here is the engine bay on the generator side.

Now that the radiator is removed I plan to send it off to get it inspected and repaired or re-cored.

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