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Car wash

We’ve got Hurricane Sandy one the way and I plan to unfurl my new car cover to protect the 320.  First I needed to wash the truck so I’m not grinding all kinds of dust and leaf debris into the … Continue reading

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Radiator sent out for re-core

Today I dropped of the radiator to be re-cored.  Last week I tried to take it to a big place down in Baltimore called Cummins Radiator, which has been in business since 1911.  Unfortunately when I got down there it … Continue reading

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Fuel pump?

Part of my plan is to replace the fuel pump.  Unfortunately, the 320’s E-1 engine fuel pump is no longer available from Nissan and as far as I can tell, not really available in the aftermarket anymore either.  I did … Continue reading

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Radiator removal, part 2

Today I finally got back to working on the truck and finished pulling the radiator. Last month I removed the upper hose and mounting bolts. The lower hose was too stubborn to pull off the water pump outlet, so I … Continue reading

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