Radiator Removal, part 1

Today I had some time during my off day from work and spent it trying to remove the radiator.  I didn’t get all the way there but made some progress.  I plan to have the radiator re-cored if necessary. I started with an aluminum pan under radiator. Coolant apparently is sweet but toxic (including to dogs) and definitely something to dispose of properly.

Here is a shot of the radiator, fan, and thermostat housing from above.

And here are two of the radiator mounting bolts on each side.

I shot some PB Blaster on all four bolts and gave it some time to soak in.

Here is the replacement upper radiator hose. It is Goodyear part #60998.

The hose has the correct diameter and elbow, but will clearly need to be trimmed to length to fit. I marked the length while the radiator was still in place.

That looks about right.

Then I used a slotted screwdriver to loosen and removed the old hose clamp holding the original-style, braided upper radiator hose from the radiator outlet.

The original hose was stubborn, but after turning it to break the seal I was able to back it off.

Then I removed the radiator cap. Definitely getting a new one of those.

Underneath the truck at the bottom of the radiator rather than just a petcock or drain plug there was a hose fitting with a length of rubber hose and a petcock attached to it. I don’t know if this is stock but I bet it was added later to make draining the radiator easier.

I loosened the petcock but only a few drops of coolant dripped out. Hopefully the cooling system hasn’t been dry all this time.

So I moved on to removing the lower radiator hose, loosening the hose clamps from the bottom radiator outlet as well as from the water pump outlet.

Here is the new replacement lower radiator hose, also from Goodyear, part #60794.

Once again the new hose has the right diameter and bends but will need to be trimmed to length. I marked the hose on each end for length but will hold onto the old hoses to double-check against the new hoses before I cut them.

I used a 5/8″ socket to start removing the nuts from the radiator mounting bolts.

The bolt was spinning so I had to take a wrench and slip it behind the grille and engage the head of the bolt on the outside of the front cross-member. Then I could hold that wrench with my fingers and turn another on from inside the engine bay.

Fortunately I have small, ladylike hands and was able to get the nut loose.

I switched to a ratcheting wrench behind the grille but in front of the cross-member to hold the head of the lower radiator mounting bolt.

And I was able to get the lower nut and bolt removed by turning a socket wrench on the engine bay side.

And I repeated the same technique to remove the radiator mounting bolts on the other side of the radiator.

Enough for one day!

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