Sent off the Carburetor

This morning I sent off the carburetor to be rebuilt.  The 320 trucks came with a Nikki 2D-30C two barrel down draft carburetor.  I searched high and low for rebuild kits, calling several vendors who claim to have kits for 90+% of the carburetors ever known to man, but was unable to find one.

I also did a bit of searching around and found a firm called Chicago Carburetor that lists the Nikki on their website as one they rebuild.  They list it as 2D-30 for a Datsun 410, but for the E1 series engine, which is what is in the 320s.  So I called Chicago Carburetor and asked them if they had the parts and could rebuilt my carb.  The guy I spoke to did some research and said they could, although they would need to custom fabricate some of the gaskets for my application, which must be different from the 410.  He said they could do it for $205, which sounded good to me.

He gave me an return authorization (RA) number and gave me the address to ship to.  He said I would actually be sending it to J&J Carburetors, located on the west coast, who is their partner who handles “exotic” requests, which he said mine was.  Either way, I’m happy to have found someone with the expertise in voodoo necessary to rebuild this rare old carburetor.  And for a pretty reasonable price.

So this morning I packed up and mailed off the carburetor to California.  Hopefully all goes well and it comes back soon.

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