Today I went to get a Maryland title for the truck. I went to my local AAA office, as they offer tag an title services and to me it is worth their fee and more to avoid a trip to the MVA.

I basically took in the signed Iowa title I had received for the truck and the signed and notarized bill of sale.  I signed the bill of sale in front of a notary there at AAA, and then they filed the paperwork to send off for my title.  I didn’t file for a registration or tags, because for those you need proof of insurance.  I haven’t insured the truck yet and won’t until I get it running again.  I do plan to get a historic vehicle registration, which is around $50 for two years (about 1/3 the cost for my daily driver) and includes nifty MD Historic Vehicle tags.

Anyway, it went smoothly and I should get my new MD title in a week or so.  The VIN of the truck is 4-L320-03195.

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