New Cooling System Parts

This morning I ordered some new radiator hoses and other cooling system parts for the truck.  I got a new radiator cap while I was at it.  I ordered some thermostats and gaskets.  All of those parts were listed for a Datsun 520 but should fit the 320.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a water pump and fan drive explicitly listed for the 320 at RockAuto and ordered those also.

Here are the part numbers, including the model of Datsun truck that those parts were listed under.  I ordered most of it from rockauto but did get a couple of parts from Amazon where the total cost including shipping (which was free from Amazon) was lower.

Part Name Part Number Price (each)
Upper Radiator Hose Goodyear 60998 (520) $4.68 Wholesaler Closeout from Rockauto
Lower Radiator Hose Goodyear 60794 (520) $16.06 from Amazon
Radiator Cap Gates 31527 (520) $8.12 from Amazon
Thermostat Beck/Arnley 143-0685 (520) $6.66 from Rockauto
Thermostat Housing Gasket Beck/Arnley 039-0036 (520) $.22 Wholesaler Closeout from Rockauto
Water Pump Gates 42324 (320) $20.79 from Rockauto
Fan Belt Goodyear 15356 (320) $3.38 from Rockauto
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