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Today I ordered a bunch of parts to replace the hydraulics and do a full brake job on all four corners.  The 320 trucks have drum brakes, front and rear.  I didn’t try Nissan, other than for the brake adjusters, which are NLA (no longer available), and couldn’t find the 320 listed in many parts books.  However, the parts for a 1965 Datsun 520 truck and/or a 1969 521 truck fit.  It is my understanding that the 1960s trucks shared a lot of parts and the fittings are all SAE until the 620 trucks, which are metric.

I actually bought a Haynes manual for a 1968-1973 Datsun 510 and PL521 truck and confirmed that the specs and dimensions of the 521 brake components are identical to those of the 320. The drums are the same size as are the shoes and the master cylinder seems to have the same bore.

Here’s a summary of the parts I ordered along with what model Datsun truck they were listed for.

Part Name Part Number Price (each)
Master Cylinder Beck/Arnley 072-2660 (521) $28.95 from Amazon
Front Wheel Cylinders (2) B/A 072-1936 (521) $21.66 from Amazon
Rear Wheel Cylinders (2) B/A 072-2561 (521) $22.25 from Amazon
Brake Drums (4) B/A 080-0307 (520) $8.40 from Amazon on Closeout
Front Brake Shoes B/A 081-0150 (520) $25.64 from Amazon
Rear Brake Shoes B/A 081-0168 (520) $6.63 from Amazon on Closeout
Brake Adjusters LEFT side (2) B/A 085-0024 (520) $3.41 from RockAuto on Closeout
Brake Adjusters RIGHT side (2) B/A 085-0032 (520) $8.73 from RockAuto on Closeout
Front Brake Hoses (2) B/A 073-1188 (520) $15.04 from Amazon
Rear Brake Hose B/A 073-0259 (520) $16.63 from Amazon
Front Brake Hardware Kit B/A 084-1121 (521) $9.64 from Amazon
Rear Brake Hardware Kit Centric 118.42002 (320) $8.70 from RockAuto

I looked up the parts on both and to get the best price, including shipping, which can be pretty expensive on heavier parts like these. Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25 which is why I ended up buying many parts from them.

In addition to the Beck Arnley drums I ordered, I verified from the Centric catalog that Centric part #122.42005 is a fit for the 1964-65 320 trucks and also is listed for the 521 trucks, and even for the 720 trucks produced through mid-year 1981.

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