Battery Removal

Today I pulled the old battery and did some work assessing they sheet metal under the battery tray.  This area is a notorious trouble-spot for older cars, as the corrosive acid from the battery can eat away the sheet metal over time.  I was a little nervous about what I would find.

Here is the old battery.

Note the battery cable locations: red on the left, black on the right.

I loosened the battery cable terminals using a 1/2″ socket and removed the cables from the battery.

Under the battery was a plastic battery tray. Okay. But under that…a small sheet of plywood?!

And under the plywood (naturally) was an old undershirt.

I donned a pair of latex gloves to protect against battery acid, and scraped up and then sucked up the shredded bits of t-shirt using my shop vac.

A fair amount of the bits fell down unto the frame and suspension below.

After the clean-up, there was still some white corrosion on the surface of the battery area.

Here is the battery I removed.

As noted above, the red cable was mounted to the left terminal, and the black to the right terminal. The left one is clearly the negative side and the right is the positive, so the red cable was negative and the black was positive.

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