Plan of Attack

So what are my plans for the truck?

This is not a restoration project.  I wanted to buy a truck that was in running order, but that didn’t work out.  I bought this one because the bodywork and paint and bright work are all in very nice condition, which means I don’t have to spend the many hours (and dollars) necessary to get those sorted.

My goal is to get the truck back on the road as soon as possible so I can drive it.  After that point I’m sure there will be small projects, upgrades, aesthetic items, etc. that I can work on at my leisure.  But right now I want to get it running and stopping.

The truck has been sitting and hasn’t run for a period of years.  Here’s how I plan to get it running again:

  1. Drain the old gas.  Drop the gas tank and get it cleaned out if necessary.  Replace the rubber fuel lines and fuel filter and get the carburetor rebuilt.
  2. Drain the old oil, replace the oil filter, and add new engine oil.  Replace any rubber hoses as necessary.
  3. Drain the coolant and pull the radiator and have it pressure tested and re-cored if necessary.  Replace the thermostat and radiator and heater hoses.  Flush and replace coolant.
  4. Replace the battery and elements of the ignition system including distributor cap, rotor, points, and spark plugs and wires.
  5. Replace the brake and clutch hydraulics and do a full brake job.

That’s pretty much my plan.  I’m hoping it won’t take too long to get those items done.  When steps 1-4 are done I will probably try to start up the engine.  I’m not going to drive it until I’ve done the brakes, though!  I’m sure there will be some trouble-shooting along the way.

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