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Radiator Removal, part 1

Today I had some time during my off day from work and spent it trying to remove the radiator.  I didn’t get all the way there but made some progress.  I plan to have the radiator re-cored if necessary. I … Continue reading

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Sent off the Carburetor

This morning I sent off the carburetor to be rebuilt.  The 320 trucks came with a Nikki 2D-30C two barrel down draft carburetor.  I searched high and low for rebuild kits, calling several vendors who claim to have kits for … Continue reading

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The last few days we’ve had rain and I noticed some condensation visible on inside of the truck’s windshield.  I have known that the door seals are shot and that the passenger side window doesn’t roll all the way up. … Continue reading

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Today I went to get a Maryland title for the truck. I went to my local AAA office, as they offer tag an title services and to me it is worth their fee and more to avoid a trip to … Continue reading

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New Cooling System Parts

This morning I ordered some new radiator hoses and other cooling system parts for the truck.  I got a new radiator cap while I was at it.  I ordered some thermostats and gaskets.  All of those parts were listed for … Continue reading

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Carburetor Removal

Today I left the office a little early on a Friday to get home and spend some time pulling the carburetor.  First I had to remove the air cleaner. The 1964 Datsun 320 E1 Mark 3 engine has a Nikki … Continue reading

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Wheel Chocks

I bought these wheel chocks at harbor freight.  They are solid rubber, pretty heavy, and have a nice tread on them.  The online reviews were pretty good and they were on sale for $8 apiece.  Since I will probably be … Continue reading

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Clutch Hydraulics parts

Today I also ordered the parts to replace the clutch master and slave cylinders. Here’s a summary of the parts I ordered along with what model Datsun truck they were listed for. Part Name Part Number Price (each) Master Cylinder … Continue reading

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Brake Parts

Today I ordered a bunch of parts to replace the hydraulics and do a full brake job on all four corners.  The 320 trucks have drum brakes, front and rear.  I didn’t try Nissan, other than for the brake adjusters, … Continue reading

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Battery Tray Clean-Up

Having removed the old battery and finding minimal damage underneath, today I cleaned up the sheet metal to neutralize any further corrosive material. I used a toothbrush, a spray bottle, and some baking soda, which I’ve used in the past … Continue reading

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