I Bought a Truck

It’s official, I now own a 1964 Datsun L320 pick-up truck!

I’ve been searching for a truck for some time now, particularly a 1964 or 65 L320.  I love the old-timey look of these trucks and the similarity to the roadsters. For an overview of the 1964 320, see this page on the earlydatsun.com website, which is a great resource.  Before I bought my truck I ordered Alan Bent’s great Complete Guide to the Datsun 320 CD-ROM from Australia.  The CD has all kinds of good information including owner’s manuals, a parts book, a service manual, parts interchange guide, and lots of cool original sixties marketing materials.  I highly recommend it at only around $25 (depending on the $/AUD exchange rate).

A couple of weeks back I was very close to getting a white 320 out in Oregon, but that one sold the day before I got a chance to buy it.  This one I bought from a family out in Kansas City, KS.  It was listed on Craiglist and in Hemmings online.

They had owned it for around 20 years.  One brother did some restoration work, including a nice paint job and the chrome in the 1990s.  Although it isn’t running, I like the fact that I just need to get it sorted out mechanically and the cosmetic work is largely already done.  I’m assuming it will need a carburetor, new ignition parts, a battery, and new hydraulics.

Buying a vehicle long-distance is complicated.  Luckily I have a friend in KC who was willing to do some leg work for me, otherwise it probably would have been impossible.  I basically sent him a cashier’s check for the truck and had him go over in person and hand over the funds and take the title and a notarized bill of sale (which I filled out and sent for the seller to sign) on the day the shipper was coming to pick up the truck.  The seller was a bit nervous whether the cashier’s check was real, but a quick trip to a nearby branch of my too big to fail bank verified that it was, and it all worked out.  The truck is on its way here and should arrive Sunday.

To ship the truck I used Montway Auto Transport, who were recommended by someone on the 311s.org roadster forum.  The price to get the truck from KC to the Baltimore area was $940 for uncovered transport.

Time to start ordering parts.

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