Horn Painting

This morning I spent some time painting the horns that I removed from the engine bay and cleaned up yesterday. Once again, I believe these are the stock horns, but OEM horns came with small domes over reach of the horns. I need to find out more information on this and may try to replace these horns with original ones if I can.
Here are the horns, cleaned up and stripped of rust, and treated with Metal Prep.

I used a little masking tape to cover the brass electrical terminals on each horn and then sprayed on some Rustoleum clean-metal white primer on each side of each horn.

I used some Rustoleum semi-gloss black enamel spray paint.

I sprayed on two coats on each side of the horns.


I decided to take some pics of the interior as it stands now. I don’t have big plans to do anything to the interior until the truck is running (and stopping!), but thought it would be worthwhile to document how everything looks for posterity.

Steering wheel and gas/brake/clutch pedals.

Here are a couple of the heater box under center of the dash.

And here’s one of the driver’s side under the dash.